Full stack computer engineer with development experience on many platforms spanning bare metal software to distributed cloud applications. My background provides system level expertise and the ability to simplify complex designs. I ship well tested products that just work.

Tech Skills

  • Recent specialties: Embedded systems, kernel drivers, RF hardware analysis, wireless communications, software defined radio (SDR), PCB layout, distributed computing, data warehousing, video codecs
  • Embedded platforms: Xilinx Zynq 7000 and Ultrascale+, DJI M100 quadcopter drone, Qualcomm MSMs, ESP8266, Atmel AVR and Particle Photon IoT platforms
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, QNX, OSX, proprietary real-time OS’s, bare metal
  • Programming Languages: C++11/14/17, C, Java, Go, Python, SQL, Matlab, JavaScript ES6

Career Experience

06/2015 – present V1ntage Inc
San Diego, CA
  • Independent computer engineering consultant
    • Providing full stack computer and systems engineering advice and products
  • Developed embedded SDR software platform for two generations of development boards
    • Buildroot linux environment, Xilinx Zynq dual core ARM + FPGA hardware
    • Extensively debugged and extended custom SDR control services
    • Designed zero-copy DMA kernel driver for full rate RF sample capture and analysis
  • Introduced and continue to improve software development practices
    • Full source control for all development
    • On and off-target testing
    • Automated builds and continuous integration
  • Developed software for embedded RFID + computer vision inventory tracking system
    • Yocto linux environment, Xilinx Ultrascale+ quad & dual core ARM CPU + FPGA
10/2010 – 06/2015 Google Inc
Sr Software Engineer
Mountain View, CA
  • Designed, wrote and maintained two generations of a self-service managed pipeline infrastructure
    • Back-end architect, UI design lead
    • Over 35k executions per day
  • Helped maintain a 20k node financial data warehouse
    • Spanning 500k tables and 1.5 PB (replicated)
    • Led cross product integration efforts with BigQuery team
06/2005 – 09/2010 Qualcomm Inc
Sr Software Engineer
San Diego, CA
  • Wrote and owned the MediaFLO multimedia transport layer
    • Defined the official specification (TIA 1120) and wrote reference implementation
    • Shipped on over 500k mobile phones
  • Pioneered real-time multimedia features for mobile targets
    • Profiled and optimized software H.264 decoder
    • Prototyped on-device DVR, RTP, MPEG2 streaming
    • Wrote mobile targeted advertising framework
  • Developed cellular modem management stack for early ARM and x86 Chromebooks
    • Worked closely with teams from Google to prototype a single-chip ARM solution


09/2000 – 05/2005 University of Waterloo
BASc Computer Engineering
Waterloo, ON
  • Graduated with honors, 3.4 GPA